Our Team

Theodore A. Wood

Managing partner

Deidre McAuley

Of counsel

Douglas Zhang

Of counsel

Li K. Wang

Of counsel

Robert W. Molitors

Of counsel

John L. Young

Of counsel

Valérie Cambronne

Of counsel

Terri A. Cummings, MD

Technical Specialist

Marc Dandin, PhD

Senior Consultant

La Vonda R. De Witt

Of counsel

M. Anne Fahrni, PhD

Senior Patent Agent

David Ladner, PhD

Patent Agent

Omoruyi Osula, PhD

Patent Agent

Administrative Team

Delain Crooks

IP Manager

Leatrice Sims

Patent Secretary

Shirley Walden

Business Operations Manager

Jay Jelenke


Salimah Moorebey

Docketing Specialist