M. Anne Fahrni, PhD

Senior Patent Agent

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Dr. Anne Fahrni is a senior patent agent.  Anne focuses on patent application preparation and prosecution in the areas of chemical, pharmaceutical, material, medical device, biotechnology, and information technology arts. Anne also conducts due diligence, prepares freedom to operate opinions, monitors and researches competitor landscapes.

Among other things, Anne was also a Research Fellow at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in Atlanta GA. There, she conducted research projects covering a variety of areas.  One such project included smallpox virus proteomics involving optimizing vaccinia virus and vero cell lysis and protein solubilization conditions.  Anne set up and carried out 2D gel electrophoresis, gel fluorescent staining and imaging, image analysis, spot picking, in-gel digestion, MALDI-TOF or TOF-TOF target spotting and analysis, database search, and bioinformatic analysis for protein identification & characterization.  She also set up Q-TOF tandem mass spectrometer with multi-dimensional capillary liquid chromatography interface for high throughput complex peptide mixtures analysis.

Anne’s interests in innovation and humanities led her to transition from scientific training to a career in patent law, where she provides timely, efficient, and transparent services to her clients.  Anne enjoys witnessing and facilitating innovation first hand.  Anne has three children and enjoys spending her spare time participating in their growth and development.

    • PhD, Organic Chemistry, Northwestern University
    • M.S., Organic Chemistry, Northwestern University
    • B.S., Physical Chemistry, Lanzhou University
    • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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