Peter T. DiMauro

Senior Patent Agent

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Dr. Peter T. DiMauro gained his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Organic/Organometallic Chemistry from Cornell University studying and researching metal complexes and catalysts that selectively break carbon bonds in organic compounds. Peter augmented his research experience by performing summer research in medicinal chemical synthesis, along with post-doctoral training at the University of Albany in metalloporphyrins useful in photodynamic therapy. Peter moved to the United States Patent & Trademark Office and worked a decade as a Patent Examiner for inventions in the areas of inorganic compounds and heavy chemical industry; silicon and etching; metal oxide and CVD coating; industrial gas purification; petroleum and natural gas processing; and carbon nanochemistry.

Peter has 15+ years experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in highly diverse areas, encompassing materials, chemicals, biomaterials, lighting systems, power systems, batteries, and digital applications, among many other fields. This comes about from a decade-long career with General Electric Company, at its peak of the most diversified industrial firms in the world, where Peter led a heavy workload of personally preparing and filing and prosecuting hundreds of US applications, handled PCT filings, completed many hundreds of responses for non-US prosecution in China, EPO, Japan, South Korea, among many other countries.

This was followed by nearly five years as Senior Patent Agent for Current Lighting Solutions, a billion-dollar, leading  professional lighting and controls company, where he was in charge of preparation and prosecution of patent applications, invention harvesting and development, patent evaluation board leadership, third-party patent analysis, patent landscaping, and acting as the sole point of contact for IP training to inventors.

Peter remains active in the American Chemical Society and regularly attends conferences in Surface & Colloidal Chemistry to stay abreast of the most cutting-edge research in the field.

“I look forward to working as part of a collaborative team with engineers, product managers, attorneys, and company leadership to provide the best IP management, support and service that every client requires.”

    • PhD, Organic Chemistry, Cornell University
    • M.S., Organic Chemistry, Cornell University
    • B.S., Major: Chemistry, Minor: Physics, Iona University
    • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    • Dimauro, P. T., & Wolczanski, P. T. (1995). “Carbon-carbon bond activation via formal β-methyl-elimination from [η5-6,6-dimethylcyclohexadienyl)Ru(DPPE)(CH2Cl2)]PF6“. Polyhedron, 14(1), 149-165.
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