Due Diligence

Companies interested in licensing or acquiring intellectual property assets or participating in mergers and acquisitions often turn to our firm to conduct IP due diligence prior to the transaction.  Our IP due diligence is structured to review the asset to meet your needs, depending on the nature of the transaction.  Typically, our IP due diligence analysis includes two phases.

Phase one includes a cursory analysis to uncover issues within a specific transaction or IP portfolio.  This analysis identifies potential problems such as ownership issues, infringement of third party patents, or vulnerabilities in the IP portfolio. These vulnerabilities will include any defense or claims another party may raise against the patents in the portfolio.

After a discussion of our initial analysis, you may or may not be interested in moving forward with the particular transaction.  If you prefer to more forward, phase two is a deeper dive.  Out task, in this process, is to identify potential risks associate with each business transaction associated with the portfolio.