Written Opinions of Counsel

Opinions of counsel remain a critical tool for ensuring the survival of a technology business.  Fundamental to this survival is the freedom to operate and the ability to exclude other. We render opinions regarding freedom-to-operate, non-infringement, invalidity, patentability, and enforceability of patents. Opinions range from formal opinions of counsel, upon which clients can successfully rely on at trial, to less formal letter opinions, all of which provide strategic advice to assist clients in making critical business decisions.

Strategic IP Advice

We not only understand your technology, we are also business partners who help our clients implement business strategy.  We align our IP advice with corporate strategy, helping clients understand how to align their IP with their business goals. We enjoy hanging out with our client’s innovators, marketing people, and R&D team.  We not only understand the best claims to include in a patent application, we can also advise about why, or whether, the company should write the patent application in the first place.

We provide strategic IP advice based on our understanding of the client’s technology. We help clients develop global protection strategies that help maximize asset value and perform IP audits and IP due diligence, often crucial to venture capital and other early stage funding.  We also work with venture capital groups to protect their investment and to enhance the asset base of the venture.  Further, we help perform IP valuation and work with merger candidates to valuate a target company’s IP assets and liabilities.

We use our significant experience in patent law to understand the market forces at work in the client’s industry.  As such, we help clients identify where the demand is, where the weaknesses are in their competitors’ technologies.  We also advise companies on which patents should be renewed and which to license.